Dainos pagal abėcėlę

Is this the rain? – Andrius Mamontovas

There’s the way to the heaven,
And there’s the way to hell…
You can choose until you’re 27,
Before the time puts on you this spell.

I wish I could be someone – Andrius Mamontovas

I wish I could be someone
Who’s with you tonight,
I’m leaving my place
Before there’s a morning light.

Colours – Andrius Mamontovas

I’ve seen so many colors
That anyone could see,
But they just don’t want to,
Coz they say they’re happy now.

Breathe, breathe – Andrius Mamontovas

Come drink of my water
Come dive in my ocean,
Fall into the waves…
Dream, dream.

From the distance – Donatas Montvydas

I do pretend
Feelings to you
Cause I am afraid
To lose you, my babe