Dainos pagal abėcėlę

Song for you – Martynas Beinaris

Words bringing something down,
I know what you say,
Can’t believe this is true.
I know how feelings break

Smile farewell – Martynas Beinaris

The time I saw you my heart stopped a beat
Are you the one that I really need?
But this is not a movie this is real life
Yours and my story ends so sad

Midnight song – Martynas Beinaris

Tonight we will see the dark moon up there
It’s changes me right away.
The mystique knows that you dream that late
Always loose the game.

Just like a wind – Martynas Beinaris

I always ask you the same
But you just smile for me
And keep the silence.

Bella Donna – Martynas Beinaris

The rainy clouds are gone,
But I’m still all alone
I’m asking you to go,

Floating to you – Linas Adomaitis

I don’t know where you’re from
And where you go
But I’m floating to you, I’m floating to you
I don’t care what you drink

Play your game – Andrius Pojavis

Little blue door knock and you’re in
Welcome inside – soul blues begins
Slowly and smooth without guilt
I take my part and feeling begins

Welcome to Lithuania – Inculto

Somewhere between the Europe, (the Europe)
and the the Baltic Sea (the Baltic Sea)
There is a land of very (very, very, very)
Very beautiful beauty.

Jurgeli meistreli – Inculto

Pop pop bubble gum pop
No one really cares if it´s good or not
It´s something you chew, though nothing you´d swallow
That fix that you like leaves you hungry and hollow

Vacuum – Happyendless

Easy on a sofa
When you can’t remember
Anything you did