Dainos pagal abėcėlę

Uncovering new africa – Happyendless

We waited so patiently
No question so you and me
When real eternity
Will turn into sand

Power forever – Happyendless

It’s a girls wanna play
And I know I can do it

It’s a moment of collapse
And I know I’m gonna go

No tomorrow – Happyendless

I’m not turning back
No reasons to go
When I’m in cold
When you in a coma

Hope tea – Happyendless

Hope Tea
Why are you spending on that
Don’t dig on me
Cause this can be last

Hello come on – Happyendless

I am on your back
Jumping through the wall
I will give you something special
You will ask for more

Good people bad people blues – Happyendless

I got a fever tonight
I got a feeling it’s such unnatural crime
I want the streets to be mine
I have no time tonight

Clearly – Happyendless

It is definitely the weather
That we newer stick together
You alone I’m on my own
Into unknown

When there’s nothing left – Gravel

So you waisted, all this time
Catching luck, that keeps just fassing by
You can see it, in my eyes
I will stand by you, as long as you don’t mine

Talking to a therapist – Gravel

Blame me for the change of weather,
But change of weather’s good;
Changes come and go, they never change my attitude,
That’s where I am, that’s where I stand,

Round and round – Gravel

You say you never felt this way
You would be glad if you could only
Have another chance today
To find new ways how to control me