Dainos pagal abėcėlę

Foreign policy – Gravel

Wrote down what I was told when you were running out.
You said we’re strong enough, we’re bulletproof
But love’s not a thing you control. It’s not sustainable
We’re all available to anyone

Something – Andrius Pojavis

I have to tell you something that’s been on my mind so long
I’ve got to tell you this, it’s been on my mind way too long
I promised myself to tell
Instead I’m falling apart to see you again

Love is blind – Donatas Montvydas

When the day becomes a night
Is no doubt I think of you
And I cannot control my heart
It’s crying for you

You got style – Skamp

Hey you! Sittin’ over there looking so fine
N’ I can’t deny, given a while, we could spend some time
N’ see if there’s more to you than meets the eye,
‘Coz you sure look fine, n’ you sure got style, yeah, yeah,

Happy you – Aivaras Stepukonis

(I) wanna show to you alone
The world around us high and low
Glowing stars and dancing moon
Happy I ’cause happy you

What’s happened to your love – Linas Adomaitis ir Simona Jakubėnaitė

What’s happened to your love?
What’s happened to my love?
We’ve been together for so long
But now the feeling’s gone…

Little by little – Laura and the Lovers

Night shadows fallin’
I hear you callin’
We’re finally talking
Your words touch my soul

We are the winners – LT United

We are the winners
We are, we are!
We are the winners
We are, we are!

Love or leave – 4fun

Stars in the sky
When the shadows fall and the sunlight dies
Empty streets are filled
With the pale lamplight

Nomads in the night – Jeronimas Milius

Tho’ passing days, I close my eyes and feel silk burning me –
Your skin, those gorgeous lips I’ve kissed so long ago…
Tonight I’ll try to rip out aching heart, it’s filled with you,
It’s filled with lonely pain! Obey!