Dainos pagal abėcėlę

Eastern european funk – Inculto

You’ve seen it all before
We ain’t got no taste we’re all a bore
But you should give us chance
Cause we’re just victims of circumstance

C’est ma vie – Evelina Sašenko

Great is the sorrow
But just look straight for tomorrow
When sun will shine at your face
Don’t close your eyes

Miss kiss – Sasha Song

While I watch snow flakes fall I count the hours
And reminisce ’bout our first kiss I miss you more and more
‘Member look in your eyes first time I gave you flowers
Embracing ones heart it is the moment that worth living for

Love – Sasha Song

I’ve had it all as a little child
I’ve done it all as a little child
But the pain that I have
For the fame that I got, was for what?

Killing me softly – Sasha Song

Strumming my pain with her fingers
Singing my life with her words
Killing me softly with her song
Killing me softly with her song

I know – Bavarija

You are my gaining star
You know you broke my heart
Without you I feel low
I know I know I know

Need your love – GJan

Hi, look in my eyes, what kind of death you see?
Look up in the sky, what do you see? It’s Raining
My heart starts to bleed, but it’s still beating
Time is running out, i need to do last thing

Tattoo – GJan

I feel again that terrible itching
Cutting my bones cutting my soul
You’re pushing my veins
You’re drawing a picture of my blood

Born to live a life – GJan

I can’t wait
I can’t wait
Your decisions
Need to be made

Not afraid – GJan

I’ll fuck up everything
You say my mind stinks
I can not be perfect to you
I can not be you you