Dainos pagal abėcėlę

My lover’s gone – Amberlife

Like the wind’s turning round me
Like the leave’s falling on me
Like you twisted before the leaving
Shut the door

Messenger – Amberlife

Stay still do be still
No wonder you are always lost
If a messenger you must be known
Then with messages you must return

Just minds – Amberlife

It’s me and I wrote you a song
All this is because of your fault
I know that I’m always alone
Maybe, but it’s hard to say “no”

In my life – Amberlife

Now I believe
I can see what no-one sees
Now I’ll retrieve
My mistakes I’ve done so free

In your eyes – Amberlife

There’s a fire that burns in my heart
And it feels like I’m melting apart
Cause when we touch – I feel so alive!
Come on Babe, hold me now, and you’ll see

I love you so – Amberlife

My life and my dreams
Are such different things
I can fly on my wings
Please come, inspire me

Fly – Amberlife

I’m looking through the window
Observing rainy day
And my face looks so tearful just for today
Cause I’m with you

Day or night – Amberlife

Day or night, dark or light
We are looking for a place to hide
Day or night, dark or light
We are looking, now we gonna find

Comfort me – Amberlife

I believe
You might stumble and come closer
I like to wake alone
To lie and turn to stone

Aren’t we still young – Amberlife

Aren’t we still young?
Quest you without intension
We never borrow of this moments we wanna get
Crowd’s like some voices