Dainos pagal abėcėlę

When there’s nothing left – Gravel

So you waisted, all this time
Catching luck, that keeps just fassing by
You can see it, in my eyes
I will stand by you, as long as you don’t mine

Talking to a therapist – Gravel

Blame me for the change of weather,
But change of weather’s good;
Changes come and go, they never change my attitude,
That’s where I am, that’s where I stand,

Round and round – Gravel

You say you never felt this way
You would be glad if you could only
Have another chance today
To find new ways how to control me

Foreign policy – Gravel

Wrote down what I was told when you were running out.
You said we’re strong enough, we’re bulletproof
But love’s not a thing you control. It’s not sustainable
We’re all available to anyone

Aš išpjoviau tavo širdį – Gravel

Aš išpjoviau tavo širdį
Tu šauki, bet nieks negirdi
Tu žinai, juk tu žinai
Tavo mylimasis mirė