Dainos pagal abėcėlę

From the distance – Donatas Montvydas

I do pretend
Feelings to you
Cause I am afraid
To lose you, my babe

Maybe it’s better to watch from the distance that you are
To lose you at all, from the glands of my eyes
But this is my last cry
I don’t wanna fight
With someone who not exist

I remember last time
When we were together
I was kissing it seems, it seems baby don’t worry, don’t worry, don’t worry
I was burning inside
Knowing this is last minutes when I look in your eyes
So this is goodbye
Well, I guess this is real life

Well, I never thought
Cause life is too short
There’s no other life, no other time
There is one chance to do it right
There’s no coming back
I’m going to say it aloud

No, no, no… (x8)

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