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If i ever make you cry – Rūta Ščiogolevaitė

Now that you think I’m amazing,
Wish I could fly back home,
But I’m afraid that i sold my wings to an angel.
I never learnt to swim and I can’t fly.
I often down and wasted,
Cos I like to be a winner, but I hate to fight.
I will be trying to change now my world to a better place to live and die.

Well if I ever make you cry,
Will you always say it’s alright?
I’m always busy.
Always late, I’ve got no time to celebrate our love, our freedom.

Sometimes I wish I were faceless when I look in the mirror, but is it a sin to pray only when you’re faithless,
When lungs are tired to breathe and your skin’s too thin. I’m not erasing anything from my past that I’ve tried so hard to hide.
I’ll keep on changing our world to a better place to live and die.

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