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Thank God it’s friday – Skamp

Thank God it’s Friday, Ain’t got no worries tonight
I got my money, Everythings gonna be alright

Time 2 get y’groove on coz it’s Friday night thank god
The weekends here n’ it’s time 2 unwind, been waitin’
All week long 2 feel this heat, music pumpin’ in the club
Dj scratchin’ the beat, the place is packed when i hit the
Party – hey! – all my peeps in the house know what friday
All about – they be poppin’ the bottles, showin’ much luv,
Clearin’ out the bar, livin’ it up coz…
I gotts much luv for friday night
Coz it makes me feel so fine
N’ with my people feelin’ high
This ain’t no time to let it pass us by..
So i’m singin’…

We goin’ to the disco to check out the chicks yo..
Hit the club around 10pm slip thru a q that be goin’
Round the bend tryin’ 2 get in, i’m with my friends
N’ the party ain’t never gonna end, n’ to get laid
Is what I intend n’ this i highly recommend i just got
Paid i got money to spend!

(Friday) Got to get my groove on
(Ain’t no Friday) If something ain’t going on…

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