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The land – Foje

I went to the promise land,
A land of a happy end.
Where people are always smiling,
A loneliness they trying to hide.

They spend their lifes for liberty,
But someone will never let them free.
They always have a second chance,
But finally they get a golden chains.

Will they get love?
Will they get love?
Will they get love…?
Will they get love?

So many places I’ve seen before,
So many times I’ve been around the world.
But I just can’t forget the land,
A land of happy lucky end.

Where money could buy anything,
Including things that must be for free.
People there always smiling,
The hoplesness they’re trying to hide.

Will we get love?
Will we get love?
Will we get love…?
Will we get love?

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