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Vacuum – Happyendless

Easy on a sofa
When you can’t remember
Anything you did

When you lying sober
When your thoughts are over
Holy vacuum sucks you more

Maybe you so hectic
Maybe a neglected
And so bored
Hearing is believing
Visions with no meaning
Make me wonder and explore

Such a feeling with you

How I used to do many times
Kicked out from hell, felt from skies
Didn’t know the purpose of my life
I will tell you why

I don’t want to change
Changes not for good
I might sound so strange
But all strangers stood
For the truth they bore
Carried in their hearts
I don’t want to change
Till my breath will pass

Easy on a sofa
Ambush for brainwasher
Lurking in a corridor
Such a perfect drama
When I’m drinking soda
Makes me scream and beg for more

I’m thinking
I can build a house on the hills
If I wanted to
Many miles from here

How I used to do many times…

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