Dainos pagal abėcėlę

War outside – Andrius Mamontovas

There is a war outside,
such a foolish game….
and you can watch them fight,
for what it’s all the same.

Wasted – Andrius Mamontovas

It’s in the morning
When everything is broken,
Feels like I surrender
Telling words unspoken.

We are the winners – LT United

We are the winners
We are, we are!
We are the winners
We are, we are!

Welcome to Lithuania – Inculto

Somewhere between the Europe, (the Europe)
and the the Baltic Sea (the Baltic Sea)
There is a land of very (very, very, very)
Very beautiful beauty.

Weleli – Skamp

I’m all alone, but I know,
I’ll stand after all, the rest will fall,
I used to feel, such unease,
Didn’t see how it was all in me…

What’s happened to your love – Linas Adomaitis ir Simona Jakubėnaitė

What’s happened to your love?
What’s happened to my love?
We’ve been together for so long
But now the feeling’s gone…

When there’s nothing left – Gravel

So you waisted, all this time
Catching luck, that keeps just fassing by
You can see it, in my eyes
I will stand by you, as long as you don’t mine

Whisper – Amberlife

Time is always asking you too much
It’s not for someone, it’s for you to go in touch
Now you welcome to find out the truth
To believe it and the mystic’s hanging on the moon

With you – Violeta Tarasovienė

When I’m feeling sad and lost and lonely
It’s good to know you’re always by my side
When you put your sweetest arms around me
I wanna be with you for all my life

World is full of love – Andrius Mamontovas

I took a ferry to Hong Kong
I’ve crossed the water from the Kowloon Town
Now my witnesses are gone
There’s nothing left inside to bring me down