Dainos pagal abėcėlę

Laivai nutols – Amberlife ir Lina Joy

Pamiršai manas akis
Ir mano juoką ir mintis,
Parašytas ant pajūrio smėlio tau.
Jas nuplovė jūros gilios

Whisper – Amberlife

Time is always asking you too much
It’s not for someone, it’s for you to go in touch
Now you welcome to find out the truth
To believe it and the mystic’s hanging on the moon

Two – Amberlife

Two candles are burning in the plate
Two hearts are beating in heaven place
Your face is like picture in front of me
Your hands are so gentle such haven’t seen

Till the end – Amberlife

Silent night, brightest lights
Wake me up and open clearly site
It is cold, I am stoned
Through the open window you hear my song

This flame inside – Amberlife

My flame‘s burning bright,
It is inside, in my veins.
She asks: “Are you alright?“
And I call down on my pain…

The revelations – Amberlife

Now I’m looking for
Ways to change all this world
And nothing more
Won’t you gnaw me for these thoughts?

Summerland – Amberlife

Day light catch me
Take me to the place I need
Call me and ask me
Let me feel the way you feel

Stayer – Amberlife

It is great to be alone
You could see that wait full ghosts
And could write the fine as browse
That’s when people stay at home

Save my time – Amberlife

Yesterday, like today…
Every day, there‘s something special…
..poring over, shaping a song… it‘s the same
All the while, feeling high,

No longer – Amberlife

I’ve killed my pain tonight,
I’ve burned the bridge to your heart…
I just don’t wanna fight,
I’ve burned the flag of our happiness…