Dainos pagal abėcėlę

Deep in my heart – Neda Malūnavičiūtė

Last night I had
I had a magic dream
I‘d never never never
Never dreamed before
There was a small town
Where people gathered ‘round
With singing wind and
And shining sun above

Looking from this window –
Wind‘s floating without fear
Singing in the opera –
Sound‘s rising through the air
All the boys and the girls
Dancing night away
I feel my heart –
Hides my pain away

I love you so my midnight bell
Take my hand and we will fly
We‘ll dance with the night wind
Then touch the mountain tops
So many ages
Running through my mind
I feel it
Deep in my heart
Deep in my heart
Deep in my soul

Hey, you said, just listen
To another Christmas song
Coming from the waterfalls
Silver mountain tops
Calling for its whiskey
And singing songs pipes
And dance around

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