Dainos pagal abėcėlę

Tėvui – Asta Pilypaitė

Kai leidžias vakaras tylus
Vartau albumų užmirštus lapus
Metų tiek daug praėjo, tiek veidų
Tieg prarastų draugų…

Tėvyne mano – Vairas

Ir meilė, ir draugystė, ir daina
Sparnus ne sykį apsvilo
Tik tu, Tėvyne, tu viena
Manęs niekados neapvylei

Thank God it’s friday – Skamp

Thank God it’s Friday, Ain’t got no worries tonight
I got my money, Everythings gonna be alright

Time 2 get y’groove on coz it’s Friday night thank god
The weekends here n’ it’s time 2 unwind, been waitin’

The end is just the end – Andrius Mamontovas

The end is just the end,
There’s nothing to begin.
The end that comes in the end,
When there’s nothing left to win.

The land – Foje

I went to the promise land,
A land of a happy end.
Where people are always smiling,
A loneliness they trying to hide.

The one (feat. Jovani) – Saulės kliošas

There was a story ’bout love and dreams
She was the one
A very special girl
That look in her eyes was as blue as summer’s sky full of love ond happyness

The revelations – Amberlife

Now I’m looking for
Ways to change all this world
And nothing more
Won’t you gnaw me for these thoughts?

The song about you and me – Violeta Tarasovienė

Try to see me with your deep blue eyes
Try to please me with your velvet lies
I have a feeling that one day you’ll be mine (yes you will)

The verse – Skamp

Desire – how d’you feel about me now?
Moments – of our sweetest hours.
The pain you left
Brings me dream after dream

Think about life forms – Foje

Think about life forms
Isn’t beautiful spring after winter?
Isn’t painful day after day?
Before the bird I was a horse.

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